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Pragmatic Enrichment & Contextual Interface Lab


Christopher Potts

Christopher Potts is Associate Professor of Linguistics at Stanford and Director Emeritus of CSLI.  In his research, he uses computational methods to explore how emotion is expressed in language and how linguistic production and interpretation are influenced by the context of utterance.  He is the author of the 2005 book The Logic of Conventional Implicatures as well as numerous scholarly papers in computational and theoretical linguistics.  He earned his BA from NYU in 1999 and his PhD from UC Santa Cruz in 2003.

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Michael Frank

How do we learn to communicate using language? I study children's language learning and how it interacts with their developing understanding of the social world. I use behavioral experiments, computational tools, and novel measurement methods like large-scale web-based studies, eye-tracking, and head-mounted cameras.

Michael Frank is an associate professor of psychology at Stanford, and director of CSLI. Mike did his his undergrad at Stanford in Symbolic Systems and his PhD work at MIT.